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Please see our amazing history below.

2012: Early Prototype
Back in 2012 we launched our first prototype of SafePass.
2013: First 10 Prototype
Then in 2013 we had our first prototypes ready
2013: Creation of Company
In 2013 we founded our company Safe Solutions AS in Stjordal
2013: First Sales
An exciting start with sales to both SAS and Aviator.
2013: Inter Airport Europe
The same year we participated in Inter Airport Europe 2013, in Munich Trade Fair in Germany
2014: Airport Fair Dubai
Safe Solutions As attended the 2014 kick off at the Airport Fair in Dubai (DXB)
2015: Inter Airport Europe
In 2015 we returned to Munich Trade Fair in Germany 
2016: Passenger Terminal Expo
2016 starts with an amazing fair at the Passenger Terminal Expo 2016 in Köln, Germany
2016: Launch of SafePass Mini
Safe Solutions As proudly presents our new product, the SafePass Mini
2017: Inter Airport Europe 2017
Safe Solutions AS attends the 2017 Munich Trade Fair in Germany
2017: Passenger TErminal Expo
The 2017 Passenger Terminal Expo is held in Amsterdam 
2018: Passenger Terminal Expo
The 2018 Passenger Terminal Expo is held in Stockholm 20 - 22 March
2018: British-Irish Airports Expo
In the summer of 2018, we are in London at the British-Irish Airpots Expo at the London Olympia
2018: Airport Exchange Oslo
In 2018 we are back at the Airport Exchange in Oslo, Norway
2019: National Aviation Infrastructure Show
We attended the National Aviation Infrastruction Show in Moscow Russia
2019: Passenger Terminal Expo
We are back at the Passenger Terminal Expo, this time in London 26 - 28 March
2019: British-Irish Airport Expo
Back in London for the 2019 British-Irish Airport Expo 11- 12 June London Olympia
2019: Inter Airport Europe
Back in Munich Germany for the 2019 Inter Airpot Europe 8 - 11 October
2020: New U.S. Company!
Safe Solutions is proud to announce that Safe Solutions USA, Inc. is incorporated in Florida
2020-2021: Made in the USA
Safe Solutions USA, Inc. starts manufacturing in the U.S.A.
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