About Us

Safe Solutions USA located in Jacksonville, Florida is the North American Flagship for all Safe Solutions products servicing the North, Central, and South American aviation ground operations market space. 


Until now there has not been a universal solution for passenger guidance and control between terminal and aircraft. Safe Solutions has developed a proven and tested passenger guidance system that is:


  • Designed to be a highly mobile one-person operation

  • Easy to move, control and adapt in an ever-changing environment

  • Clean and professional looking

  • Creates a clear passage - our unique system guides passengers without confusion or assistance from ground support personnel that have several tasks to perform in a short time frame

  • Provides a clear distinction between passenger walkway and vehicle road ground support operations

  • Specifically designed for cross-boarding so that people can exit and enter the aircraft safely

  • Preventing passengers from entering the wrong aircraft

  • Space saving - one complete system for easy of control and accountability



Our system was designed by seasoned ground personnel for safe ground operations.