Worksite Safety

Product Overview

Single & multiple story construction sites, manufacturing facilities, & warehousing operations prefer to use wall mounted retractable luminescent rope barriers from Safe Solutions USA.


Our unique system keeps customers and workers safe by restricting access from corridors, warehouse aisles, loading bays, and other potentially hazardous areas. Our highly visible system promotes safety and organization; while eliminating the need for traditional stanchions in places where space is limited. Simply connect the universal rope end to another stanchion or a compatible wall receiver. 



  • (1) SafeBox (wall mount retractable rope barrier)

  • (1) Wall mounting bracket


  • Wall Receiver 

  • Endpost 4000



  • 27m yellow reflective rope

  • Yellow ABS plastic protective case

  • Built-in rope braking system to ensure slow, safe rope retraction (no snapback!)

  • Quick & easy assembly

  • Tangle-free encased 10mm width rope for easy winding & protection during storage

  • This Reel has a newly designed swivel bracket with (3) 1/2" bolt mounting holes, with slide & lock grooves for great stability once mounted aiding against angular pull

  • Easy mounting onto walls allowing 135 degree rotation for convenient storage & the best advantage to suit your needs

  • Heavy duty designs were selected to meet industrial demands for continuous & trouble-free operation